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We are happy to announce our patio is now dog friendly!

We may not always have the staff in place to accommodate outside ordering. In that event we will ask you to place and pay for food and drink inside or leave a card on file. We will bring your food out to you when it is ready. 


Dogs are allowed outside only!


Dogs must be on their leash at ALL times. (No retractable leashes please). 

Dogs must be accompanied by the owner at ALL times. 


Please do not place your dog (even small pups) on the table, or on a chair. “Health Code.” 


Your furry family members cannot eat off your plate, or drink from your glass. We have special dishes just for them…again “Health Code.” 


Dog Restrooms are located outside the patio in any grassy areas, please be considerate of our neighbors and pick up after your dog…without them we wouldn’t be allowed to have our dog friendly patio.

Excessive barking and bothersome behaviors are not permitted. 

We have a zero-tolerance aggression policy. We reserve the right to ask you to remove your dog at any time for any reason. 

Thank you for your HELP!

We hope you enjoy your time and our dog friendly patio!

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